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The Official and Obligatory Page for

DooM & DooM II

DooM DooM ][
DooR To HeLL
Heretic HeXen




Ultimate DooM

These Utilities can be used either with:


DooM ][





DCFWin v1.0

  DCF is a program that allows a varied range of options, which offers total domain in organization and handling from the relating files to the game. There are options like: DataBase Manager, EXE Editor, WADs Creator, WADs Compiler, WADs Viewer, WADs Loader, Multiplayer Option and Graphics Viewer.


WNeTDooM v2.0

NETDOOM is a program that is good to play in "Cooperative Modality", or in "DeathMatch Modality". The objective is to allow the players, to obtain a quick connection and without problems; since using the on-line commands can be tedious many times and it is very possible the margin of errors when transferring the parameters.


MaP Runner v1.3

MAPRUNNER is a program that permits to invoke a WAD file of constructions, open it to visualize and
then start a game session, in the one the number of level is correctly invoked.


Screen Shots

wadtex.jpg (13605 bytes) wadtex02.jpg (20540 bytes)
Screen Shot of WadTex.Wad Screen Shot of WadTex.Wad
Doom002.jpg (16990 bytes) helldoom2.jpg (14422 bytes)
Screen Shot of HellDooM.Wad Screen Shot of HellDooM.Wad
Doom000.jpg (23637 bytes) gutentag.jpg (13903 bytes)
Screen Shot of GutenTag.Wad Screen Shot of GutenTag.Wad
peruher1.jpg (17022 bytes) peruher2.jpg (7784 bytes)
Screen Shot of PeruHero.Wad Screen Shot of PeruHero.Wad
wadtex01.jpg (20434 bytes) Doom0000.jpg (13182 bytes)
Miscellany of WadTex.Wad Miscellany of DooM 2 Level 20
Doom0001.jpg (16101 bytes) Doom0003.jpg (17723 bytes)
Miscellany of DooM 2 Level 20 Miscellany of DooM 2 Level 20

Author:  Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya




Torch Killers Torch

Downloads Download Zone


DCF v1.0 dcf.zip - 714 KB DOS / WINDOWS
DCF v2.0 dcf2.zip - 837 KB DOS / WINDOWS
DCF v3.0   Get It Now! dcf3.zip - 805 KB DOS / WINDOWS
DCFWin v1.0    Get It Now! dcfwin.zip - 771 KB WINDOWS 3.1 / 3.11 / NT / 95 / 98
Required Tools for DCF dcftools.zip - 1009 KB DCF v1.0 / v2.0 / v3.0 and DCFWin
NeTDooM v1.0 netdoom.zip - 519 KB DOS / WINDOWS
NeTDooM v2.0 netdoom2.zip - 544 KB DOS / WINDOWS
NeTDooM v3.1   Get It Now! netdmv31.zip - 820 KB DOS / WINDOWS
WNeTDooM v1.0   netdmwin.zip - 860 KB WINDOWS 3.1 / 3.11 / NT / 95 / 98
WNeTDooM v2.0    Get It Now!   OK! ntdm2win.zip - 1543 KB WINDOWS 3.1 / 3.11 / NT / 95 / 98
Library for DCFWin and WNeTDooM  Important! foxw2600.zip - 1046 KB DCFWin v1.0 / WNeTDooM v1.0-2.0
MaPRunner v1.0 mapruner.zip - 41 KB WINDOWS
MaPRunner v1.1   maprun11.zip - 43 KB WINDOWS
MaPRunner v1.2   maprun12.zip - 43 KB WINDOWS
MaPRunner v1.3   Get It Now!   OK! maprun13.zip - 150 KB WINDOWS
WinTex v4.4   wintex44.zip - 65 KB Improved version of WinTex 4.3
WinTex v4.5   wintex45.zip - 66 KB Improved version of WinTex 4.4
WinTex v4.6   wintex46.zip - 67 KB Improved version of WinTex 4.5
WinTex v4.7    wintex47.zip - 70 KB Improved version of WinTex 4.6
WinTex v4.8    wintex48.zip - 80 KB Improved version of WinTex 4.7
WinTex v5.0 Prof. Edition   Get It Now!  OK! wintex50.zip - 273 KB Improved version of WinTex 4.8
Libraries for MaPRunner and WinTex elements.zip - 251 KB MapRunner v1.0-1.3 / WinTex v4.4-5.0
Help Manuals for the above Utilities helps.zip - 250 KB .Txt and .Hlp Files
WADHex v1.0   Get It Now! wadhex.zip - 21 KB DOS / WINDOWS 3.x/'95/'98
WADHex 32Bits v1.0   Get It Now! wadhex32.zip - 115 KB WINDOWS
SW Plus v1.0   Get It Now! sw_plus.zip - 9 KB DOS / WINDOWS 3.x/'95/'98
SW Plus Win v1.0   Get It Now! sw_plusw.zip - 17 KB WINDOWS
PAKHex v1.0   Get It Now! pakhex.zip - 32 KB DOS / WINDOWS 3.x/'95/'98

Textures & Levels Wads

WadTex v2.0 (Textures) wadtex.zip - 665 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
HeLLDooM v2.2 (Levels)   Get It Now! helldoom.zip - 580 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
Go Get 'em (WolfensteinTextures) get_them.zip - 873 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
Ultimate DooM 2 - Collection  Get It Now! ud2.zip - 1586 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
My Wads Tex (Textures) mywadtex.zip - 842 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
¡YoU Will DiE! v2.0 (Levels)   Get It Now! youlldie.zip - 440 KB HERETIC Conventional Platform
DooR To HeLL v1.0 (Levels)  Get It Now! door2hel.zip - 422 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
Sexy Girls v1.0 (Textures & Items) Get It Now! sexygirl.zip - 65 KB     DOOM Conventional Platform
A Funny Wad (Effects & Music)  Get It Now! funnywad.zip - 377 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
ROTT Textures (Effects & Music)  Get It Now! rott_tex.zip - 359 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
ManoWar II v1.0 (Effects & Music) Get It Now! manowar2.zip - 543 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
PlayBoy DooM 2 (Effects & Music)Get It Now! pbd2.zip - 539 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)


Guten Tag v1.1 (Skin Example) gutentag.zip - 99 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
Peruvian Hero v1.1 (Skin Example) peruhero.zip - 141 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
ManoWar v1.0 (Skin Example) manowar.zip - 146 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
The Monk v1.0 (Skin Example) themonk.zip - 138 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
Jagd Hund v1.0 (Skin Example) jagdhund.zip - 119 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)
Skins 2000 v1.1 (Multiple Skin)   Get It Now! skin2000.zip - 563 KB ZDOOM (or another similar)


Tricks with textures and functions tricks.zip - 21 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
Levels Tuthor for beginners wadtutor.zip - 47 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
Advanced Levels Tuthor - I   Get It Now! master_j.zip - 104 KB DOOM Conventional Platform
Advanced Levels Tuthor - II   Get It Now! arena666.zip - 110 KB LEGACY (or another similar)
Advanced Levels Tuthor - III  Get It Now! fern.zip - 53 KB LEGACY (or another similar)
Advanced Levels Tuthor - IV  Get It Now! leoric.zip - 153 KB LEGACY (or another similar)


DooM Master - Honorific Title d1m6jal0.zip - 181 KB DOOM LEGACY
DooM 2 Master - Honorific Title d2m6jal0.zip - 147 KB DOOM LEGACY
Blood (DeathMatch LMP) blood.zip - 105 KB DOOM LEGACY
DooM ][ (DeathMatch LMPs) d2lmps.zip - 249 KB DOOM LEGACY
Pimp (DeathMatch LMPs) pimplmps.zip - 722 KB DOOM LEGACY
Eternal (DeathMatch LMPs) edmlmps.zip - 487 KB DOOM LEGACY
J&J (DeathMatch LMP) jyj.zip - 54 KB DOOM LEGACY
HeLLDooM (DeathMatch LMPs) helllmps.zip - 177 KB DOOM LEGACY

Windows Sniper

DooM Windows Sniper by Ember Sw. winsnipr.zip - 32 KB WINDOWS

Original Release of DooM

First Pre-Alfa Release of DooM doom0_2.zip - 255 KB DOS
Original DooM Source Code doomsrc.zip - 355 KB DOS

Patch for DooM ][

Patch for DooM 2 v1.9 d2_16_19.zip - 540 KB DOS
Complete DooM 2 for Download doom2.zip - 6.54 MB DOS

DooM Legacy

DooM Legacy for Windows v1.31 legw131.zip - 736 KB DooM v1.9 & DooM II v1.9


ZDooM for Windows v1.17c zwin117c.zip - 519 KB DooM v1.9 & DooM II v1.9


WNeTDooM v2.0 Demos     wnt2demo.zip - 921 KB WINDOWS
WinTex v5.0 Demo wtx_demo.zip - 439 KB WINDOWS
DooR To HeLL WEB Page Demo dth_demo.zip - 329 KB WINDOWS
Quake Extra Levels   NEW!   OK! qel.zip - 604 KB DOS / WINDOWS

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Page Designed by: Ruddy Palacios and Javier Almenara; with the colaboration of Rafael Palacios.

DooM PeRu


Last Revision: March 4th, 2004

Page Designed in:  FrontPage

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